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It is not easy to find a good hosting plan among all low cost reliable webhosting companies offers. We present independent reviews of  reliable webhosting providers which gives you quality and best value webhosts.  All reviewed plans are best web hosting services under $10 a month or less.   The webhosting offers include 1 Free Domain name,  Email Accounts,  Free Website Building software for reliable web hosting providers,  E-Commerce and Free Search Engine Ad Credits.   The webhosts companies reviews also include a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee to all customers who purchase reliable webhosting companies deals.
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Reliable web hosting companies reviews 

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30-Day Money Back 
1 Domain Name, Web Site Builder, Shopping Cart, Unlimited Email Accounts, $25 Yahoo & $25 Google Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, Cheapest Webhosting providers reviews, Telephone/Email Support  
30-Day Money Back 
1 Domain Name, Web Site Builder, Free Domain Privacy Proteciton, Free Backup Services, MYSQL, Unlimited Email Accounts & Databases, ECommerce Cart, $100 Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, best Webhosting companies reviews, Tel/Email Support 


Host 6 Domains on 1 Account
30-Day Money Back 
1 Domain Name, Web Site Builder, Blog, Forum, SSH Secure Shell, SSL, FTP, Free ECommerce/Cart, $75 Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, cheap web hosting providers reviews, Telephone/Email Support   
30-Day Money Back 
1 Domain, Unlimited Pop/Imap Email Accounts, SSH Access (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL, Front Page Extensions, WebSite Builder, $75 Search Engine Ad Credits, Telephone/ Email Best Support 24/7, top webhosts companies reviews 
30-Day Money Back 
1 Domain, 1,500 GB of space, 2,500 e-mail addresses, 15,000 GB of bandwidth, $75 Search Engine Ad credits, 24/7, professional web hosting providers reviews, Telephone/Email Support 
50% OFF
30-Day Money Back 
1 Domain Name, Web Site Builder, Free Shopping Carts, SSL Secure Server, $75 Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, business webhosts deals reviews, Telephone/Email Support  
30-Day Money Back 
1 Domain Name, Soholaunch site building software, Free credits $25, Free Shopping Cart, Blogs, Boards, Includes PHP CGI FTP & MySQL, 24/7, cheapest web hosting reviews, Telephone/Email support 
30-Day Money Back 
1 Domain Name, 10GB Disk Space, Forum, Blogging, Photos, WebSite Builder, Free Set up, Daily Backups, $75 Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, reliable web hosting companies comparison, Telephone/Email Support  
30-Day Money Back 
1 Domain Name, Instant Setup, CGI, PHP 5, RoR, Perl, MySQL, SSH, SSL, IMAP, POP, WebSite Builder, cPanel, Best Hosting, 24/7, cheap webhosts companies plans revews, Tel/Email Support  
30-Day Money Back 
1 Domain Name, Web Site Builder, 1000 Email Addreses & Unlimited Storage, SpamGuard Plus, Norton AntiVirus, $100 Yahoo & $50 Google Search Engine Ad Credits, 24/7, reliable business web hosting companies, Tel/Email Support 
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Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account 
FatCow Plan 
  Sale! $ from -125x125
  100% Green Energy Web Hosting from
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Is blog better than a website?

A large number of people want to have internet presence and are confused which one to chose - website or blog?  Is one better than the other? Is there any difference for business owners or personal use? reliable webhosts providers reviews

The choice will depends on your needs of course, but generally speaking, websites are more static and used to sell products or services, while blogs are more vibrant and alive used for current news.  So if it is just a front page of your business which purpose is to provide information for customers, like address, contact numbers, locations or products which are not often updated,   the static website is the preferred choice.

On the other hand,   a site for a personal use, hobby, or frequently updated news, information or products,  a blog is better as it has more user friendly look and direct information for visitors.

The most popular blogging platform is Wordpress, it is user friendly and provide a lot of useful plugins . You can opt for a free hosted blog with or , they have however some limitations if used for an internet  business (do not allow affiliate links).  Otherwise you need to buy a reliable web hosting plan from a web hosting company and download Wordpress software and host it on your web hosting plan.  With your own blog domain,  you can chose its name and it does not appear as a sub-domain like with the free option.

Another great feature of blogs is that the search engines like Google love them and crawl blogs more often, because they are sites with fresh new content and blogs rank better than traditional static websites. If you update your blog every day, Google will crawl it every day therefore improving its rankings and PR status.
Reliable webhosting companies reviews When it comes to designing a website, often it needs to be outsourced what can be a substantial expense. There is no need to design a blog as they come with professionally designed templates which you can upload within minutes which leaves you plenty of time to create content instead.  Your blog can also invite readers comments which make it to look more user friendly and interesting to read.
A self-hosted blogging option using Wordpress is the most popular professional blogging option for serious bloggers, therefore if those few dollars per month do not matter so much, this is the "bloggers' choice". Reliable webhosting providers reviews

There are many other free blogging platforms which can be easy found by searching by this keywords, however, they are not as popular and widely used as Wordpress blogging platforms.

Are free web hosting services good?

We all like sometimes to get thing for free but – is it really FREE?  Keep in mind that every business needs to make a profit so any free gifts are really marketing tools to attract more business and are incorporated in the cost of sold products. So would you use the free web hosting services? Do you think is it a good idea to use them for your website or not?

A lot of internet users consider  free web hosting services at the beginning as they do not want to incur any hosting costs until they start to generate more income. This is understandable but does not fully let you to develop your website and expend your internet business right from the start, and to progress later to a higher level.

I am not going to list here any of the free webhosting providers,  if you are interested you can find them by searching for keyword like “free websites, or, webhosting providers and services”,  but generally the following will be the limitations you will have to accept if you decide to use any of these free webhosting providers:

  1. You will not get much of disc space and bandwidth  usage,  this will not allow for much customer traffic. If you have too many visitors per month, your website will simply be “unavailable” to be seen on the net if you go over the prescribed limits.
  2. Nearly all free web hosting providers will include ads on your site to generate income from  your site – your website is their advertising platform to generate income, after all someone needs to pay for the server usage.
  3. If you want to use your website to sell affiliate products,  there might be restrictions to do so, or you may have to share the income you made.
  4. They will constantly ask you to upgrade to the paid option and make a lot of other good features unavailable to you with the free web hosting services.  
  5. After you invested some time into building your free website, you will realise that to really expend you need to purchase their paid webhosting services, as without other features you are too limited.
  6. The free webhosting providers can close your website at any time if you do not conform to their conditions, this can be simply for using it to sell products or use affiliate links.  Put it in simple terms,  you do not have control over what you can use your website for.

The free web hosting services are really there to get you in and keep you there until you see a need to progress and will purchase a paid webhosting service from the same company because you already have your website and know their system.

So why not to have a choice in the first place and review what web hosting is available, choose what you think is best for your requirements and have what you paid for.

Our recommended professional and cheapest webhosting providers start from $1.99 pm, and others go up few dollars more, but still are very reasonable. If you compare the costs,  it is really a cup of coffee or a drink per month that you need to forgo to pay for webhosting fees, but in return have control over your professional and reliable webhosting services.

Do your maths, review your pros and cons and make the right choices in business.

How to make money from blogging with reliable web hosting companies reviews

You can make money from blogging by having your own blog or website and write for it regularly to advertise products or services, or,  to write for somebody else and get paid for it.  Reliable webhosting providers reviews it depends how good you are and how much time you can put into it.   The website content is very important and no website can do without it,  it needs ot be regularly updated what takes time.  The outsourcing is the only option for many businesses or individuals who get too busy to post fresh content all the time.
And that’s where you come into the picture - you can get hired to provide the content for other people’s websites if you can write good articles.  With fresh regular content,  their websites will be crawled by the search engines more often and indexed to the higher position,  brining more customers and better business.
Reliable webhosting companies reviews If you develop good writing skills and your own flowing style,  interesting, funny and informative,  and also need to possess research skills as you will be required to write on certain topics on which you may not have any knowledge. 
Once you establish yourself as a reputable writer,  you will have a lot of regular jobs and offers to replace your job and support your lifestyle.
The two most popular networks for people to outsource writing for websites or blogs are: 

How to find reliable web hosting plans which are right for your business

A number of different factors need to be considered before you build a website and choose a reliable webhosting companies reviews. Any website, personal or business,  needs a hosting, and it is not easy to choose the best one from the large number of webhosts providers on the internet offering many different plans.  For other people to access your website,  you need to buy one of the webhosts plans to host it on the internet. The best value for money at present starts from $1.99 per month - visit WEBHOSTINGPAD to view reliable webhosting companies reviews benefits and options.
The most important feature you need to received from your web hosting providers as is support which you need to access  24/7 every day of the year, and only reputable providers, such as companies listed on this website, will guarantee you the best support.  Additionally,  if this is your first webhosting company, you will have to ask a lot of questions, and you will need a reliable cheap webhost company. All recommended webhosts companies on this website provide professional services and you will get good support within 24 hrs. You can purchase an additional option from your webhost provider for a priority support for a small fee.   read more... Reliable Webhosting Tips and Articles

Backlinks will improve your website ranking with Search Engines

A very important part of optimising a website is the link building. Although not the most obvious way to improve your website ranking on search engines,  the valuable backlinks will show results cheap and reliable webhosting companies reviews. 

Reliable webhosting companies reviews there are millions of websites on the Internet which compete to be “ the main street front shop” to grab most of customers and to make most of  sale.   If you are new and unknown in the business,  the easiest and simplest way to find people to go to your website is to advertise with the search engines, this is however a very costly method. Google and Yahoo are the two most used search engines in the world as people use their searches to find everything cheapest webhosting companies reviews.     read more... Reliable Webhosting Tips and Articles  

Picture of cheapest web hosting providers reviews and reliable webhosting plans
Picture of business webhosting companies reviews and best webhosters offers
Picture of reliable webhosting companies reviews 
Picture of cheapest webhosting providers reviews

Make money online with reliable webhosting companies

Making money on internet does not requirea significant investment of capital and labour as with any other business cheap webhosts reviews.  Reliable webhosting companies reviews compared to a traditional brick and mortar business, all you need is:

-          Website or blog

-          Product or service to sell either :   Your own product, or, Affiliate product

-          Traffic to get customers to buy:  SEO on page and off page,  Social media networking tools, and Advertising (Pay Per Click) reliable webhosting companies reviews

First pick your niche which can be anything people search for,  it can be something you are passionate about, your hobby or your learned profession. If you can not thing about any idea, research in Google what people search for recently.  Reliable webhosting companies reviews as an example of some of more creative niches  people promote:  how to grow tomatoes, how to breed mice, or write wedding speeches.  Reliable webhosting companies reviews do not spend too much time on it, pick something reasonably interesting and proceed to the next step best webhosts reviews.

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